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Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) brings together all musicians in Uganda with the aim of music development, collective bargain and welfare. The association welcomes all performers of musical instruments of any kind, vocalists, musical arrangers, copyists or any other individuals who render musical services of any kind for pay.





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What We Do?

Music Development, Collective Bargain, Welfare


To unite musicians within its jurisdiction who are eligible for membership without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, or sex.


To organize the musicians in its jurisdiction and to provide services to such organized professional musicians.

Improve Wages

To secure improved wages, hours, working conditions and other economic advantages for the professional musicians in membership through collective bargaining and to establish terms and conditions for equitable and fair dealing among its members.


To engage in cultural, fraternal, educational, and charitable activities to further the interests of the Association directly and indirectly.


Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for a conducive environment for music development, beneficial to all involved.

Our Vision

A better and Profitable music industry.

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